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Pink Milk – I Want To Know What Love Is (Foreigner Cover)


Pink Milk just premiered their newest song, a cover of Foreigner’s ‘I Want To Know What Love Is’ on Wonderland and since have created a bit of storm. We though we’d get all Zeus and throw a few Track of the Day shaped lightning bolts ourselves.

Created by Maria and Edward the band attach a darkness and subtle shoegaze to an 80’s classic with nods to 90’s musicians and cult films including some of our favourites like Twin Peaks and True Romance.

The video is equally as broad with its direction. Touching base with lo-fi visuals and skeleton glamour they only add to an all-encompassing mouth feel.

The band say: “the video and its animations are made by Maria from Pink Milk and inspired by Death and how hard it must be for him to find life-long love.  This cover is a celebration of one of the greatest ballads of the 80s – a song that still keeps telling us love is hard.”

We loved the original but fuck me, Pink Milk have managed to make Foreigner’s seminal ballad even better. Take a listen below and tell us we are wrong.