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(Credit: YouTube)


Watch wonderfully vintage footage of Pink Floyd performing 'Let The Light In' on French TV 1968

Adding a bit of nostalgia to our daily lockdown routines, we’re revisiting a piece of vintage footage which sees the great Pink Floyd performing live on French TV in 1968.

The pioneering psychedelic rock group, who pushed boundaries of sonic exploration since their inception in 1965, went on to solidify their legacy as one of the most commercially successful and influential bands of all time.

Having sold no fewer than 250 million records worldwide, Pink Floyd pioneered a new sound to popular music and continually did so across their 15 critically acclaimed studio albums. However, it wasn’t always plain sailing for a group of musicians who were attempting to steer a new sound into the mainstream.

During their formative years, some crowds struggled to get to grips with the message Pink Floyd were delivering. By 1968, the group had released two full-length studio albums in the shape of The Piper at the Gates of Dawn and A Saucerful of Secrets which had earned them a cult following.

However, when attempting to translate their sound in foreign land things became a little more tricky.

Here, in some particularly wonderful footage of the band making an appearance on primetime French television, the studio audience struggles to find the appropriate reaction and, somewhat bizarrely, attempt to clap along to the marauding psych sounds—a move that even seems to take the band by surprise.

See the footage, below.

Pink Floyd ‘Let The Light In’ lyrics:

Far, far, far, far away, way
People heard him say, say
I will find a way, way
There will come a day, day
Something will be done
Then at last the mighty ship descending on a point of flame
Made contact with the human race at Mildenhall

Now, now, now is the time, time, time
To be, be, be aware
Carter’s father saw it there
And knew the Rhull revealed to him
The living soul of Hereward the Wake

Oh my, something in my eye, eye
Something in the sky, sky
Waiting there for me

The outer lock rolled slowly back
The servicemen were heard to sigh
For there revealed in glowing robes was Lucy in the sky
Oh, oh, did you ever
No, no, never ever will they
I’ll can’t say

Summoning his cosmic power
And glowing slightly from his toes
His psychic emanations flowed