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(Credit: Andrés Ibarra)


Pink Floyd's Roger Waters says Joe Biden is a “fucking weak slimeball”


Pink Floyd co-founder, Roger Waters, has offered his take on the current state of US politics by branding Democratic Party politician Joe Biden is a “fucking slimeball”.

Waters, speaking in a new interview with Rolling Stone, Waters said: “I’m on the fence” when asked if voters should show Biden support in his bid to defeat Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential race.

Biden, who edged out Sanders in the race to challenge Trump, has been surrounded with controversy during his years in the public eye with the most noted case being an allegation of sexual assault 1993. Tara Reade, a former Biden staff member, detailed the incident as part of an interview with podcast host Katie Halper. In the interview, Reade claimed Biden pushed her against a wall and penetrated her with his fingers.

Despite the allegations, Biden still managed to earn victory over Sanders: “I’m so flabbergasted and gobsmacked by the way the Democratic National Committee has railroaded Bernie [Sanders] again,” Waters added. “And has put in place a candidate—I can’t imagine Biden beating Trump in an election.”

He continued: “Biden is such a fucking slimeball, he’s so weak, and has no appeal to anybody,” Waters continued. “Trump, at least, is a snake oil salesman, he does tricks.. he does them really badly, but people don’t care.”

“I obviously don’t know where I stand on that lesser of two evils question,” Waters explained in reference to the question of Trump of Biden for president. “I’m not sure the path to a new America that is not ruled by the current ruling class — by money, plutocracy, and a capitalist society — will be made any easier with Biden as president.”

He added: “I’m so upset at the appalling bill of goods the American electorate is being sold, and they fall for it again and again. On the simplest of pretext, which is: America exceptionalism. ‘We are great. This is the greatest country in the world. We believe in freedom and democracy and human rights. We make everything better. We are the shining city on the hill.’ No you aren’t, you’re fucking awful!”

See the interview, below.