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(Credit: Pink Floyd)


Stream rare Pink Floyd concert film 'Pulse' from their iconic Earl's Court appearance in 1995


We recently brought you the welcomed news that Pink Floyd would be going some way to try and ease the boredom we’re all feeling due to the effects of lockdown.

The experimental pioneers are curing your boredom and transporting you back to some iconic shows. You can watch Pulse the first in a series of rare films being shared by the band below.

It comes as the band announce they will be sharing a series of rare concert films via their YouTube channel for free, “We’d like to wish you all the best, and hope that you and your families are staying safe and well in these difficult times,” Pink Floyd said in a statement.

“We will continue to post as normal to hopefully give you some interesting and diverting images, music and video to help us all get through this.”

First up is Pulse, the concert film which, despite being shot in the now-demolished Earl’s Court, sticks out for one main reason. It was the first time the band played The Dark Side of the Moon in full. The film features some of the original visual techniques which were remade for the 1994 tour dates.

We may all prefer to be in the pub or out to dinner with our friends but while we are confined to our homes what better way to lose track of time than by revisiting Pink Floyd doing their thing back in 1995.

Watch Pink Floyd’s Pulse below.