(Credit: Pink Floyd)

Pink Floyd release 2019 remix of ‘Momentary Lapse’ song ‘Sorrow’


Pink Floyd have released a ‘2019 Remix’ of their 1987 song ‘Sorrow’.

The track, written by the band’s singer and guitarist David Gilmour, was included as part of Pink Floyd’s thirteenth studio album, A Momentary Lapse of Reason.

According to drummer Nick Mason, Gilmour created the song alone in its entirety while spending the weekend in solitude on his houseboat.

While Gilmour himself admitted his lyrical composition was not his strongest point, he later claimed ‘Sorrow’ was one of his best creations despite the direct influence from John Steinbeck novel The Grapes of Wrath: “Sorrow was a poem I’d written as a lyric before I wrote music to it, which is rare for me,” Gilmour said in reflection.

The new remix comes as part of a brand new box set of music which includes a huge amount of previously unreleased rarities. The box set, entitled The Later Years, looks to celebrate the material that the band released post-1987 and will include live concert footage, unreleased bonus material and new mixes of iconic songs.

Due out via Sony on November 29, The Later Years will be made up of a 16-disc combination which is made up of 10 CDs and six Blu-Ray DVDs. While few details of specific performances and songs have been made available, the band did confirm that their 1990 show in Knebworth will be part of the material.

Remixed by engineer Andy Jackson, the updated track includes contributions from late keyboardist Richard Wright and newly recorded drum samples from Mason.

Enjoy the song, below.

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