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(Credit: Pillow Queens)


Listen to Pillow Queens cover The Cranberries


Dubliners Pillow Queens have covered fellow Irishmen The Cranberries with a rendition of ‘When You’re Gone’ from the band’s third studio album To the Faithful Departed. The song is featured on the upcoming tribute LP Salvation – Inspired by the Cranberries for Pieta, a compilation featuring a number of Ireland’s best artists with the proceedings going to Pieta House, a charity that provides cost-free therapy for individuals suffering from suicidal thoughts.

Playing right into The Cranberries signature blend of spacey guitar rock and beautifully melodic vocal work, Pillow Queens keep the melancholic edge that not only distinguishes the best of the Cranberries work but the best of their own work as well.

This isn’t the first time that Pillow Queens have taken on the Cranberries material for a good cause. Last year, the group contributed to a cover of ‘Dreams’ that was credited to Irish Women in Harmony, a collective of female Irish musicians. The single benefited the charity SafeIreland, an organisation that focuses on domestic abuse and helping women escape dangerous domestic situations.

Pillow Queens released their wonderfully fuzz-heavy debut album In Waiting last year, making 2020 the band’s busiest yet. That album, which features the same hallucinatory swirls of indie rock and dream pop that are featured on ‘When You’re Gone’, came on the heels of the well-received EPs Calm Girls and State of the State, released in 2016 and 2018 respectively.

Salvation – Inspired by the Cranberries for Pieta is set to feature a number of prominent Irish musicians, including Sinead O’Connor, Roe, True Tides, and Kodaline. Also featured is the aforementioned Irish Women in Harmony cover of ‘Dreams’, as well the Cranberries themselves performing a live acoustic version of ‘Chocolate Brown’ from a 2FM radio performance back in 2002.

Listen to Pillow Queens’ cover of ‘When You’re Gone’ down below. Salvation – Inspired by the Cranberries for Pieta will be released on October 1st.

Salvation – Inspired by the Cranberries for Pieta Tracklisting:

  1. Sinead O’Connor – No Need to Argue
  2. Irish Women In Harmony – Dreams
  3. Pillow Queens – When You’re Gone
  4. Moncrieff – Free to Decide
  5. Wyvern Lingo – Salvation
  6. Aimée – Linger
  7. Walking On Cars – Promises
  8. Kodaline With The RTE Orchestra Featuring Noel Hogan – Zombie (Live)
  9. The Cranberries – Chocolate Brown (Recorded Live for 2FM)
  10. Kitt Philippa – Twenty One
  11. Roe – Can’t Be with You
  12. True Tides – Ode to My Family
  13. Kellie Lewis – Ridiculous Thoughts