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Pi - Both Funky and Fresh


Far Out’s latest Unsigned sunday selection is from Pi a band that were brought to our attention on only Friday and since we have not stopped listening to their album Telekinesquid. It manages to breach the straightjacket of psychedelia and ‘Both Funky and Fresh’ only proves that.

It seems as though psyche is here to stay, at least for the meantime, as people still crave the escapist sound to take them from the drudgery of modern living. Pi, a trio of psych-garage rockers from Austin, Texas are proof that Psyche can span genres and is not confined to the pale and socially paralyzed.

‘Both Funky and Fresh’ adds a bouncing rhythm from Lochridge on drums and Mullings on bass add to a garage tinged guitar from Langley which uses classic riffs to add a traditional feel to the modernity of the vocals.

Reverb drenches Langley’s vocals but all that is forgotten with the bouncing rhythm section which turns an otherwise slightly purist song into a sure-fire dancefloor hit. Big ol’ Sunday Vibes.


File next to: Brian Jonestown Massacre, Tame impala, The Black Angels



Jack Whatley