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Through the Lens: Erik Mowinckel


BIO: Erik grew up in the suburbs outside Oslo which is also where he started taking photographs. Photography was a reason for him to go outside, enabling him to find new places.

Over the years Erik explained that his focus within photography had shifted, in the beginning, he would often stage photographs—usually of a friend in some sort of landscape, as well as depicting a lot of architecture. 

Read how he became more colour orientated, as well as moving closer to his subjects.

FO: Looking through your work, it’s evident the majority of your photographs don’t feature people—is this deliberate? If so, can you talk us through your process?

“I think once you include a person in a photograph it becomes about them. Also, in order to take pictures of people you need people—everything else is available all the time.

“I like photographing friends but when I go out walking it’s usually alone, and I’m not brave enough to go ask strangers if I can take their picture. So I guess the answer is no, it’s not deliberate – but it’s very practical.”

I can also see you’re a keen illustrator, is this something you’re looking at pursuing or even combining with your photography?

“I would be happy to take on illustration jobs, I think that could be fun—I just haven’t gotten that far yet. For the time being it’s a hobby.

“I have tried to think of ways to combine photography and drawing – the most relevant being a project I have in my head where I would paint with black ink on minimal black and white photographs. I would try to make the resulting image as seamless as possible, hopefully coming to a point where it’s hard to tell what’s ink and what’s photographic.”

I came across your music section on your website – in my opinion, your sounds compliment your photography perfectly. Can we expect anything on the horizon?

“I just released an album called Way Out under the name Heyhill Muangle, so right now I’m getting to work on new ideas that will hopefully become another album at some point. I’m also looking to collaborate with other musicians.”

Who are you listening to right now?

“Steve Gunn – Way Out Weather.”


To check out more of Erik Mowinckel’s photography, drawing and music – visit his website here.