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Photographer Wolfgang Tillmans prepares to open Tate Modern exhibition


Contemporary artist Wolfgang Tillmans is preparing to open his first-ever exhibition at Tate Modern.

February 15 marks the opening night for Tillmans who brings his wide variety of photographs to London alongside video work, digital slide projections, publications, curatorial projects and recorded music.

The German-born 48-year-old, who is currently based in Berlin having spent many years living in the UK, brings his solo show to the Tate for a four-month exhibition and will also occupy the south tank as part of a ten-day immersive installation through music and video featuring some collaborators.

“For a long time in Britain there was a deep suspicion of my work,” Tillmans told the Guardian. “People saw me as a commercial artist trying to get into the art world, and the work was dismissed as shallow or somehow lightweight,” he added. “There are still many misconceptions about what I do – that my images are random and every day when they are actually neither. They are, in fact, the opposite. They are calls to attentiveness.

“It is shocking to me that the show is so big and yet so many pieces have not made it on to the walls,” he says about the show. “That is frustrating, but this show is not about completeness. In a way, I wanted it to be as close to now as possible.”

More information on Tillmans Tate show can be found here.