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(Credit: Phoebe Green / Press)


Phoebe Green shares new song 'IDK'


Manchester’s hottest electro-pop star, Phoebe Green, has released a video for her latest single ‘IDK’.

With waves of buzzy drum machine loops and a droll vocal cadence, ‘IDK’ is all about overthinking your place in life to the point of hysterics. As Green sings of “drinking more and thinking less”, the song becomes a real ‘Basket Case’-esque story of confusion and paranoia, but the bright synthetic accompaniment is so joyful that it’s hard not to just get swept up in the whole thing.

“[‘IDK’] explores a complete detachment from reality,” Green explains about the content of the song. “Observing things from a place of total apathy and feeling as though I’m witnessing my life as a bystander with little to no connection to it. It’s a horrible state to be in, I think it happens when I get overwhelmed.”

While that may be an understandable personal mental block, the good news is that the future seems to be bright for Green: she’s getting a lot of play on Radio 1, she’s rapidly gaining monthly followers on Spotify, and she’s starting to rack up some impressive fans including Billie Eilish, who featured Green’s single ‘Dreaming Of’ on her personally curated ‘In My Room’ playlist. It’s hard to think of a better trajectory than the one Green is on right now.

Raised on the quaint shores of Lytham St. Annes, Lancashire, Green burst onto the music scene almost fully formed on her 2016 debut 02:00 AM, released when Green was still a teenager. It took a while for the rest of us to catch up, but by the time the I Can’t Cry For You EP hit last year, it was clear that Green wouldn’t be an anonymous entity anymore. ‘IDK’ continues the upward trend, pairing darkly comic spoken-word interludes with the catchiest of despair-tinged choruses. Crying on the dance floor in perfectly acceptable, and you won’t find a better song to do it with than this one.

Check out the video for ‘IDK’ down, below.