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(Credit: Seth Myers)


Phoebe Bridgers offers handwritten tattoos for Daunte Wright's family fundraiser

Phoebe Bridgers has told fans she will draw them handwritten tattoo templates if they donate funds to Daunte Wright’s family.

Wright, a 20-year-old Black man, became the latest police brutality victim after being shot and killed by an officer during a traffic stop in the US city of Brooklyn Center in Minnesota on Sunday. Police Chief Tim Gannon has since claimed to reporters that the officer who fatally shot Wright accidentally used a handgun and thought she was using a taser.

The latest death at the hands of the police has led to an outcry of protests across Minnesota and the US. Wright’s death also coincides with the current murder trial of former police officer Derek Chauvin following George Floyd’s killing in May 2020. Chauvin’s trial is taking place just 10 miles away from the scene of Wright’s death.

The 20-year-old left behind a two-year-old son, Daunte Jr., along with his girlfriend Chyna, and Bridgers has encouraged her fans to send donations to the pair. The singer shared a graphic originally posted by comedian Raina Morris, which includes details of items to purchase and addresses to send donations.

“I’ve been seeing some people on here who want tattoos in my handwriting… If you donate here I’ll write whatever you want,” tweeted Bridgers. “Comment a screenshot of your donation (not the dollar amount I don’t want anyone to be embarrassed about how much or how little they can give) and what you want me to write. Also FYI I can’t draw at all.”