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Phobophobes take a swipe at pop-culture with ‘No Flavour’


The South London head fuck peddlers Phobophobes are back with another dose of garage-psyche with ‘No Flavour’. An infectiously giddy garage song the song leans on pop sensibilities with a twisted edge and adds a little seasoning to your usual garage stomp.

The band take a stab at modern pop-culture and its lack of anything divisive or innovative and as “No Flavour” is poured across the track like petrol the band’s infectious chorus is ignited with their socially wry lyrics. The band have been on our radar a while now but this track announces them as what they are, ones to watch, and very fucking closely.

Make sure you get to a live show at your earliest opportunity, their brand of rock and roll is one to be seen to be believed.