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Phobophobes announce debut LP 'Miniature World'


Another hit of post-punk credulity from Phobophobes for your Wednesday morning coffee. With a string of singles hanging lowly from their belt already it was only right the band announced their debut LP Miniature Worlds

To add to that little nuggets of loveliness the band have also shared the title track from the album (due out on January 26th), and it’s an absolute barnstormer. Powerful, poignant and completely Phobophobes, this latest release speaks highly of the album.

The band has this to say “Miniature World was spawned from long jam over a monotonous old drum machine, we hacked away at it to form a purposefully relentless, repetitive and simple structure that oscillates between the absurd and the familiar.

“We self-referenced the content of the song which questions the productive and reductive nature of modern communication, it acts as an ‘interruption’ within the setting of the album. The way the final chorus climaxes and diminishes into the bands layered vocals rhetorically wailing “miniature world?”, I wanted the chorus’ to advertise the rest of the song, and the song to ironically advertise the rest of the album which is also titled “Miniature world”.”

Take a listen below.