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Phobophobes - Advertise Your Life


Today’s Track of the Day comes from the ever-faithful and ever-fruitful RIP Records and to add to that kind of reliability of great tunes we also have the caveat of a South London band. South of the river has been dropping some classic bands and artists our way these past few years and Phobophobes are no different.

Sounding like a disturbed 60’s psyche band gone awry on legal highs Phobophobes and ‘Advertise Your Life’ make a case and point for the productivity of South London. Childhood, Fat White Family, King Krule and plenty more to boot have all in recent times straddled the successful reaches of the industry. Phobophobes are planting themselves right on this precipice as well.

‘Advertise Your Life’ is as dirty, seedy and underhand as its thematic protagonist spreading itself eagle for everyone to see (take that Social Media!). It reeks of urban debauchery and glittering grit punctuated by the chorus which rings so clearly across the track. ‘Advertise Your Life’ is the first song released by Phobophobes since the acquisition of Dan Lyons (former Fat White Family) on drums and it streaks through the music adding a stability once lost.

Now hardened and with heavy tracks on hand we expect them to be unleashing themselves at a seedy venue near you soon!

Jack Whatley