Philippe Zdar, famed member of Cassius, dies after falling from Paris building


Philippe Zdar, one-half of the influential French house duo Cassius, has died after falling from a Paris building.

His agent has confirmed the news in a statement, explaining that Zdar suffered an accidental fall from “a high floor of an old building in Paris.” He was 50 years old.

Philippe Zdar—real name Philippe Cerboneschi—started working alongside Hubert Blanc-Francard (whose name in the group was Boom Bass) in the late ’80s. Zdar and Boom Bass started working together in 1988, producing albums for the French hip-hop artist MC Solaar.

In 1991, they created their first project, called La Funk Mob, and the following year, they started to increasingly experiment with electronic sounds. 2002 saw their second album release, Au Rêve, a piece of work which pushed their fame to new levels and featured collaborations with the likes of Wu-Tang Clan member Ghostface Killah and Leroy Burgess.

Their most recent album, Ibifornia, was released in 2016 and featured Pharrell, Beastie Boys’ Mike D, Cat Power, Kanye West and others.

Tragically, Zdar and Cassius were planning to release their new album Dreems, this Friday, June 21.