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(Credit: Everett Collection)


Peter Jackson shares new clip of The Beatles documentary 'Get Back'

Much of the world is still struggling to get back to a sense of normality following a tumultuous year of global pandemics and other apocalyptic scenarios. Sadly, it is also still affecting the creative world too as the latest news from Peter Jackson, and his upcoming documentary about The Beatles will attest to.

The Lord of The Rings director has taken to social media to not only share his sadness at not being able to release the film just yet, the documentary no missing its original schedule, but with a taster of previously unseen footage to keep our appetites raging on.

“This film was due to be finished around about now,” begins Jackson in his piece to camera. “But like the rest of the world, has been affected by the COVID pandemic. And so the only good thing really is that we are in the movie in New Zealand and now that our country has largely stamped out the virus, we were able to come back into the cutting room and carry on with the editing that we’re doing.”

The director has shared a montage of clips from the film so as to give a flavour of what’s to come, but he was clear to insist it wasn’t a traditional trailer. “I would say we’re about halfway through the edit now,” the director continued, “But because you’ve been so patient and the film has been delayed until 2021, we thought it was a good time to give you a little sneaky preview of what we’ve been working on and the sort of vibe and the energy that the film is going to have.”

He emphatically continued to say that it wasn’t a trailer and “they will be coming next year” instead the below clip is about keeping those interested fans still vitally interested.

You can watch the brand new clip below.