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(Credit: Stefan Bollmann)


Peter Hook to host 'Unknown Pleasure' listening party with Tim Burgess


Peter Hook, the brilliant bass player of New Order and Joy Division, will join Tim Burgess for a very special episode of his online listening party series.

Burgess, who has already hosted the likes of Oasis, Franz Ferdinand and The Libertines, launched his new project in reaction to the current pandemic which has made the concept of live music somewhat of a distant memory.

With millions of people forced to remain home amid a strict social distancing lockdown, Burgess and his new series offer a moment of light entertainment at a time of severe difficulty. “The first week I did it we had Blur, Ride, Franz Ferdinand and Oasis – Bonehead did the commentary for that one,” Burgess wrote in his article for The Guardian. “As soon as we started, it had become a thing. One of the maddest things was seeing it as the top trend on Twitter.”

Such was the immediate success of his listening party project, artists have been flocking to Burgess for a chance to be involved. In what was hoped could become a daily occurrence, Burgess now has multiple appearances per day with big names propping up his new movement.

“Everyone who’s taken part so far has said it’s like doing a gig,” he explained. “There’s the trepidation beforehand, then an hour of craziness, and finally a period where you’re kind of decompressing. The only difference with this is that nobody’s nicking your beers!”

He added: “It’s growing every day. We could keep this going until Christmas. Sleaford Mods have just said they want to do all of their albums, every Thursday at 8pm. That’s what I love about it, it’s all about impulsive decisions and it spirals into a thing of its own.”

While the listening party started with some of Burgess Manchester natives, he has risen to the top of the pile for a special episode with the great Peter Hook. Taking place on Friday 22nd May at 10pm, the Joy Division and New Order bassist will join Burgess for a special playback of Joy Division’s debut album, Unknown Pleasures.

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