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(Credit: Stefan Bollmann)


Peter Hook opens up about feud with New Order’s Bernard Sumner

Peter Hook has been discussing his ongoing feud with former New Order bandmate Bernard Sumner.

The band, formed by Hook, Sumner and drummer Stephen Morris following the death of Ian Curtis and the demise of Joy Division, have been in relentless royalty battles for years.

With personal issues continuing to plague their work which led to numerous different line-up changes and intermittent hiatuses, Hook eventually left the band 2007 as a legal battle ensued over song rights continued. Upon leaving the group, Hook maintained a 25 per cent stake in, Vitalturn Company Ltd, a means of maintaining royalty rights in a secure manner once Factory Records closed down.

However, in 2015, Hook filed a major legal case and sued Sumner, Morris and Gillian Gilbert. It was claimed that the remaining members of the band had formed a new company behind his back, one that generated an income close to £8million. Hook’s case suggested he was owed his percentage.

The personal and legal issues would continue for two long years before New Order’s official website announced in a statement that a full and final settlement had been reached.

Reflecting on the broken relationship in a new interview with NME, Hook described the situation as “sad” but asserted his position: “We should have done, but it’s ongoing, and what they did in reducing my 25 per cent share in New Order to one per cent is unforgivable,” he said.

“Believe me, I think that every day. To start a band in 1980 from the ashes of your lead singer’s suicide and then have it cruelly taken off you 31 years later by the other members of the band?

Adding: “I defy any human being not to bear a grudge. If wasn’t for the wife, I’d probably be in prison now.