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Credit: Jean-Luc Ourlain


Peter Frampton reveals how David Bowie once saved his life from a smoking plane


Peter Frampton has shared details about the time David Bowie once picked him up and carried him out of the smoke-filled cabin on his private plane.

The two first met at school in Bromley in South East London and would go on to have a great friendship with Frampton revealing that Bowie saved his life on two occasions. Frampton has been revealing details from his upcoming memoirs that is due to be released later in the year.

A life-saving moment came following Bowie choosing him to play guitar on the 1987 Glass Spider World Tour as well as the record which would be a comeback of sorts for Frampton whose career had begun to stall.

According to The Sunday Mirror, the pair were awaiting take-off in the cabin of a private tour plane, when Bowie noticed smoke billowing into the cabin and would go on to save Frampton’s life.

Frampton recalled how Bowie shouted “smoke, smoke” before immediately jumping into action. “The pilot stops and Dave literally lifts me out of my seat and carries me down the chute.

“I will never forget that. He coulda ran out but he wanted to make sure I was okay. That was the kind of guy he was with me, and in general. He was a lovely man.”

The other live-saving moment that Frampton recalls was Bowie literally picking him to play on the tour and the record because he was so broke at that time despite eleven years beforehand his Frampton Comes Alive! the record sold eight million records.