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Peter Doherty and Trampolene share new single 'Uncle Brian's Abattoir'


Peter Doherty and Trampolene have released their new joint track, ‘Uncle Brian’s Abattoir’, which was recorded during the lockdown in Normandy and Swansea respectively.

Trampolene frontman Jack Jones plays lead guitar in Doherty’s band The Puta Madres, taking up lead vocals on 2019 single ‘Paradise Is Under Your Nose’ and he has also been the tour poet for The Libertines on their arena tour in 2016.

Jones recorded his spoken-word piece on his phone in Swansea and sent it to producer Mike Moore—who also is Liam Gallagher’s guitarist—who then added the music and forwarded it to Peter Doherty in Normandy. From there, Doherty then recorded his vocals down on his phone and emailed it back to Mike Moore, who brought the pieces all together.

Jones had this to say on the track: “Uncle Brian’s Abattoir came about when I was picking up my little cousin from an after school art class…she had painted a paradise where animals and humans lived in harmony but mistakenly called it an Abattoir. I found the whole thing very charming and jotted it down in my notes…So it’s about an abattoir…but not as you know it…it’s taken straight out of a child’s imagination. It has taken on another meaning for me lately as it is also about slowly going mad being stuck indoors during the Lockdown.”

Mike Moore likened making the piece as being “a bit like that kids’ drawing game where someone draws the head, folds the paper and passes it on. Someone else draws the body and so on. Then the reveal is the surprise to everyone involved.”

The track is released on Doherty’s own label Strap Originals and the video can be seen below.