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(Credit: HBO)


Peter Dinklage sings songs written by The National in new musical

Peter Dinklage is set to star in a new musical project called Cyrano which is based on Erica Schmidt’s theatrical interpretation of the original 1897 play by Edmond Rostand. Directed by Joe Wright, Cyrano will feature Dinklage as the titular figure Cyrano de Bergerac who was a libertine French novelist immortalised in Rostand’s work.

“I went up to see a very rough workshop production that Erica mounted in a little 120-seat theatre in Connecticut called the Goodspeed theatre where they develop a lot of musicals,” Wright recalled. “And I’d always loved the story in the original Rostand play.

“I’d loved the Gérard Depardieu film, which I remember seeing as a teenager and being completely blown away by. Then I went to see this production workshop and was really rocked by it. I was really shocked by how deeply, emotionally affecting seeing Pete play that role was.”

“I wouldn’t have seen the point in doing the usual fake nose Cyrano for the screen, however much I love the story and would have liked to have done it,” Wright added. “But Peter in that role makes it fresh, modern and pertinent. There’s something very affecting.”

Continuing, “When you see an actor with a big rubber nose on his face play the role, you know that at the end of the day they can take their nose off and go to the pub and leave it behind. Whereas Peter doesn’t leave that behind, it’s part of who he is. It’s that much more emotionally affecting.”

While the project is being constructed as a proper period piece, there are modern injections like specific songs that were composed and written by The National. “There was a lot of work done on the songs between the forms,” Wright explained. “And a lot of work done on the arrangements and accompaniments as well. There were songs that were cut, songs that were added, songs shifted from one place to another.”

According to the latest schedules, Cyrano is set for a US release this December followed by the UK release on 14th January 2022. Watch the brand new trailer for Cyrano below.