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Peter Brook, British film and theatre director, dies aged 97

Respected British film and theatre director Peter Brook has passed away on Saturday, July 2nd, in Paris at the age of 97.

Starting out in the domain of theatre, Brook conducted various theatrical experiments and was influenced by the likes of Bertolt Brecht, Antonin Artaud and Joan Littlewood among others. Eventually, he also worked on various film adaptations such as Lord of the Flies which gained widespread popularity.

In a 2019 interview, Brook commented: “To say that the theatre is flourishing, that it’s dying, that it’s out of date, are splendid little soundbites for professors or journalists to use. The one truth is that theatre is a living experience. As long as it’s alive, it’s alive. It fluctuates and changes. If we work in that form or write about it, we have a responsibility to not let the flame go out.”

He also reflected on his career, claiming that he could not bear the thought of retirement: :I think that it is far better for us as human beings to be active, and as long as I feel that what I’m doing is still alive and useful, that is better than just going and sitting in retirement, looking back on the past, and eating apples as they fall off the tree.”

“I look back not in anger but with such gratitude to have been blessed with such a richness of experience,” Brook declared. His death has brought forth tributes from figures such as Adrian Lester. The director is survived by his children – Simon and Irina – who are also directors.

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