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Pete Doherty hospitalised after hedgehog-related incident


Pete Doherty has been elf hospitalised after suffering an injury via the spike of a hedgehog.

The incident happened when walking his dogs and, when his pets caught the hedgehog, Doherty attempted to free the animal but was spiked which led to an infection in his fingers.

Taking to social media, Doherty said that his dogs had the hedgehog “in their gobs and I wrapped my hand in a T-shirt and freed the wee bugger and got a tiny cut. Cue three days in a van with a carefree attitude to potentially infected forefingers”.

Having gotten the situation under control, Doherty turned his attentions to the NHS and applauded their effort: “Thank you to the wonderful men and women who work within the NHS,” he said in another post on social media. “What absolute angels and a million times they deserve our respect and thanks.”

The incident led to Doherty being forced to cancel his appearance on BBC Radio 5 Live with Nihal Arthanayake.