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(Credit: Loock / Wikimedia)


Pete Doherty says "Don't let it be the Tories" ahead of the UK General Election


With a general election looming heavily in the dark clouds of this week, the musicians and artists of these fair isles are out in force to try and influence your decision. Next up on that list is The Libertines frontman, Pete Doherty.

The singer, not famed for his erudite political commentary, used his platform at last night’s Libertines gig in Manchester to endorse Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, with a scathing attack on the Conservative party.

Addressing fans he said, “In this twisted society we live in, you’ve got to go out and work and graft to pay your rent. Sometimes they say you have to bend over and take it, but don’t let it be the Tories.”

He delivered the impassioned speech as a swell of “Oh Jeremy Corbyn” rang around the venue. The band have had aa long affiliation with Corbyn having invited the leader on to share their slot in Glastonbury not so long ago.

Watch below the fan footage of Doherty’s speech before the band begin to play their song ‘Music When The Lights Go Out’.