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Pete Davidson is leaving Saturday Night Live

Pete Davidson’s long run on Saturday Night Live is coming to an end.

Davidson joined the now-iconic NBC sketch comedy show during the 40th season premiere in 2014. Aged just 20, he was one of the youngest ever cast members, etching his name in history by becoming the first cast member to be born in the 1990s.

However, in recent months, Davidson’s involvement could be seen as an unwanted distraction from the core values of SNL. Davidson has been in the news lately for his highly publicised feud with Kanye West which has taken many forms. It all started when Davidson started dating Kim Kardashian, but the rapper soon started subjecting both Davidson as well as Kardashian to online harassment which raised many questions.

Recently, Davidson publicly addressed the onslaught of abuse by Kanye West and spoke about the comment that the rapper made about Davidson’s health. The comedian joked that he got a full body test after Kanye spread the rumour about Davidson having AIDS because a “genius” had diagnosed him with the disease.

He also talked about the music video that Kanye made where he alluded that he wanted to physically assault Davidson and even showed a segment where he cut the comedian’s head off. Joking about the music video and Kanye’s ridiculous actions, Davidson commented: “Chris [Rock] got slapped [and] I got decapitated.”

Despite these debacles, Davidson has also attracted attention for his upcoming projects such as the Netflix biopic I Slept With Joey Ramone where he was cast as Joey Ramone. Now, Davidson has announced that he is finally going to depart from Saturday Night Live which had become an indispensable part of his career.

Although Davidson had previously stated that he was “ready to hang up the jersey”, none of the rumours were clear. It has finally been confirmed that the latest season finale will be the final appearance of Davidson on Saturday Night Live. Alongside Davidson, it has also been reported that Aidy Bryant, Kate McKinnon, and Kyle Mooney are also set to leave.

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