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People injured as fireworks hit the crowd during Life is Beautiful Festival


Multiple people have been left injured by rogue fireworks hitting crowd members during Odesza’s set at Life Is Beautiful festival.

Odesza, the electropop duo attempted to end their set with a firework display but injured at least two people in the process. According to TMZ, one rocket misfired during the pyrotechnic display and entered the audience. Footage shows crowd members screaming as the display continues.

The reports claim police confirmed that one crowd member was allegedly hit in the stomach. The second, perhaps more worryingly, was reportedly hit in the eye. While Life Is Beautiful have yet to release a statement, a representative has confirmed the police report.

In the footage that leaked on social media, one person wrote: “Dude, one of the fireworks went into the crowd during Odesza’s set That shit was terrifying, I hope the people that were in that area are okay.”

Another added: “I was having a great time until a rogue firework literally exploded in front of our faces – is anyone going to accept responsibility?”