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People Club share new track 'Damn'


Hey, you. Yeah you. You better not be doing anything perverse at your computer right now. Sure, the internet may be made for porn, but you’re better than that. You can hold it together and ignore those debilitating urges for at least a few minutes.

But if you can’t, People Club know how you feel. They’re in your corner on their latest release, ‘Damn’, the first single from upcoming EP Take Me Home.

“‘Damn’ tackles the subject of internet pornography addiction, and how this very 21st-century problem can affect people’s lives,” the band explain in a press release for the song. “We wanted to examine how porn addicts can actually be super high-functioning and never get ‘found out’, yet actually can suffer seriously as a result of their habit. We wanted also to capture some of the more abstract symptoms that might accompany the affliction, i.e. how it might affect one’s love life, and the security measures one might go to to avoid detection online, e.g. ‘tip-toe, incognito mode’.”

Finally, someone is sticking up for the perverts out there. Take that, prudes! Maybe it’s the groovy bass-heavy backing track or the breathy vocal lines, but ‘Damn’ makes your shameful secret sound oh so sexy and sensual, even if it’s very rarely either of those things and rarely both.

“We also wanted to experiment with some fine art techniques – ‘compositional chiaroscuro’ and ‘tenebrism’ in this song. The violent contrast between light and dark in the works of Italian Baroque-era painter Artemisia Gentileschi was really inspiring our process during this period and we tried to evoke that in the semantic interplay and presentation of the song’s themes.”

Is this the first time that Artemisia Gentileschi and internet porn have been combined together? My spidey sense say yes. Those wacky Germans, always combining high and low art concepts and finding rewarding new inspirations.

Check out the audio for ‘Damn’ down below. Take Me Home will be released on May 7th.