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Pensive shots of Dublin in the 1990s


In 1991 a Danish photographer going by the name of Krass Clement explored Dublin in three short visits, tasking himself with capturing the inner spirit of the city.

The photographs laid tucked away in Clement’s personal archive until well-over 25 years until they were unearthed to publish in a book simply entitled Dublin.

Published by RRB, the book withholds the photographers black and white artistic drive to depict the underbelly of a city built on the foundations of its loyal residents: “These photographs appear to show a city not rooted in the late 20th century, but rather a Dublin out of time, monochromatic in both rain and sun,” the book reads.

“A visual stream of consciousness on a stroll through the city, Clement’s work marries the traditions of Scandinavian melancholy and the ‘flaneur’ tradition from the Parisian school.”

Enjoy a glimpse inside with images via BJP:

(Dublin was published by RRB PhotoBooks on 30 November 2017. The images in this article have been sourced via BJP and the book itself.)