Peluche - Sin


South London trio Peluche first came to our attention with their beautifully styled pop harmonies and art house driven aesthetics alongside what was essentially an extremely hook laden song in the form of ‘Ohio‘. Their latest release ‘Sin’ goes a little bit deeper and is our Track of the Day because of it.

The single, to be released on the ever-faithful RIP Records, takes a slightly more obtuse angle and blends together IRL, Jazz and Dub all into one delicious piece of modern pop.

The blending of so many different genres comes naturally to the trio of instrumentalists and their talents shine through on ‘Sin’ but all with the flair and panache of a band entirely comfortable in themselves. By being so comfortable they allow the music to flourish and as the Dub sound surrounds a gorgeous tale of modern life the chants of ‘Rude Boy!’ don’t ever seem contrived.

Peluche, if nothing else, are a sign of our times. A beautiful blend of where we’ve come from and where this band are going. We, for one, wanna be right there with them.

Jack Whatley