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Peggy Sue - Longest Day of the Year Blues


In anticipation of their forthcoming album ‘Choir of Echoes’, which is set for release on January 27th through Wichita, Peggy Sue have revealed a new track ‘Longest Day of the Year Blues’ from the record.

In the words of the band, ‘Longest Day of the Year Blues’ “is a pretty straightforward break up song. One of those break up songs about getting dumped and having to go to work the next day when the next day happens to be the longest day of the year. 

I remember thinking to myself cynically ‘Well this sucks… But at least it’s wonderfully poetic.’ It has the word ‘baby’ in it 5 times. I guess I may have been listening to my Greatest Ever Doo Wop Song compilation a little too much last summer.

We’ll be releasing the review of Peggy Sue’s full length record later this week and if it takes your fancy, they’ve announced a tour with eight dates in the UK during April.