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Peggy Sue - Idle

Peggy Sue are back, and back with a biblical bang.

It’s been two years since the London-based trio released material for us to latch onto, this time though they’ve taken a slightly different approach as their sound has been splattered with a gospel finish.

New single ‘Idle’ available online now, is the band’s first release in preparation for their third studio album ‘Choir Of Echoes’ in January, poduced and mixed masterfully by Jimmy Robertson and John Askew at Rockfield Studios, South Wales.

Having become used to the indie-folk inspired earlier albums from Peggy Sue, it’s refreshing to see a band push their sound to new levels, taking risks required to create something original.

In my opinion, too many bands are comfortable churning out the same old material that’s proven to sell tickets and records. I’m pleased to see Peggy Sue pushing themselves even further, and in doing so managing to encompass a sound that is charmingly complementary of Katy Klaw’s vocals.

The band – aka Rosa Rex, Katy Klaw and Olly Joyce explained: “Idle is about being unemployed and incurably thoughtful. The opening and closing parts are a kind of troubled gospel song – a prayer for purpose in the knowledge that the purpose will probably not be a ‘good’ one.

It’s about impatience and distractions and thinking about things too much.”

Back from touring North America, the band will be playing an intimate show at St Pancras Church in London on Monday 27th January. Tickets go on sale today and can be found here.