Robert Webb opens up about alcohol addiction
(Credit: Channel 4)

Peep Show actor Robert Webb opens up about battle with alcohol addiction: “I was slow-killing myself”

Peep Show‘s Robert Webb has talked openly about his recovery from alcohol addiction and how last year he was forced to undergo life-saving surgery.

The actor revealed that whilst having a routine examination ahead of filming a new series of Back, that he was told if he didn’t undergo immediate surgery “would not last two days”. Webb was then diagnosed with a mitral valve prolapse after suffering from a heart murmur which had made him feel tired all the time, a factor Webb said he thought was because he treated his body “like a skip” down to a dependence on cigarettes and alcohol.

Webb told The Sunday Times Magazine that when there was talk of delaying the procedure, the cardiologist who examined Webb told the surgeon: “You can’t send him home for five days, he isn’t going to last two days. I didn’t realise how unwell I was. I had no idea.”

Webb underwent surgery in November, losing two-thirds of his blood cells in the process, something he describes as “a bit touch and go.”

He then expanded on his comment on how he treated his body like a skip throughout his adult life, saying: “The drinking crawled up so gradually that I was slow-killing myself. It was certainly an addiction at the end, a dependency. I drank a lot of beer, during the day, on my own.”

Webb is now seeing a therapist and has quit smoking and drinking but admits that his recovery from alcohol has not been an easy road.

Read the full interview, here.

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