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Credit: YouTube


Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder interviews International Space Station crew for Earth Day 2022


Hot off the release of his fittingly titled solo record, Earthling, Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder has teamed up with NASA to interview the crew aboard the International Space Station in celebration of Earth Day 2022.

In the interview, Vedder touches upon the subject of climate change with the crew as they observe the impacts on the planet from afar. The subject has always been one close to the grunge star’s heart

The interview marks his second collaboration with NASA after he recently worked with them on his ‘Invincible’ music video, which according to the press release was “inspired by their Artemis I Moon mission in support of his recent chart-topping album Earthling.”

In promotion of Earthling, Vedder also spoke to the down to earth star Bruce Springsteen and told him, “The stuff that got put in my blender, it started maybe, like, Jackson 5 when I was a kid and then [The] Beatles… growing up, and then The Who took over big time.”

“And I guess after you put all that in [the blender], then you just hit, hit pulse,” Vedder put it. And when Springsteen considered that Pearl Jam was poured out, he agreed, “It’s a good mix man.”

You can check out his chat with NASA below.