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Credit: YouTube


Pearl Jam's long lost original video for 'Even Flow' surfaces online


28 years after it was created, the mysterious and long lost original video for Pearl Jam song ‘Even Flow’ has surfaced online.

On 31 January 31st, 1992, with the band preparing to fly to England to begin their European tour, Pearl Jam headed to Los Angeles to link up with photographer and director Rocky Schenck to film their official music video for their second single ‘Even Flow’.

“Yes, this was my idea,” guitarist Stone Gossard once said in the book Pearl Jam 20. “Some of it was filmed in a zoo after dark, and the rest of it was us jamming on the side of a cliff. It was more ‘big rock’ than we wanted. I’m not sure it will ever be seen.”

The original video became something of an urban myth among Pearl Jam fans after it was abandoned after filming and replaced by a performance clip directed by Josh Taft. Schenck’s effort, which was filmed at night time and featured individual recordings of each member, ultimately had a severely detrimental impact on the band after Dave Abbruzzese, the Pearl Jam’s then-drummer, damaged his wrists during takes and was taken to hospital following the completion of filming. Under doctors orders, Abbruzzese was urged not to put any strain on his wrists and was subsequently replaced for the upcoming tour.

“It was awful,” bassist Jeff Ament added in the aforementioned book. “And we knew at the time it was awful.”

Now though, the clip has surfaced on streaming platform YouTube on the 28th anniversary of its creation. With footage of the band performing in the zoo setting, Gossard was correct when he said the ‘big rock’ scenes would never be seen as they have been cut from the end result.

See the video, below.