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Credit: Stevens/YouTube


Joey Ramone joins Pearl Jam to cover Dead Boys' 'Sonic Reducer' back in 1995


There are few people who excited Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder more than punk icons the Ramones. So when lead singer Joey Ramone joined the band on stage to sing another New York legend’s song, the Dead Boys’ own ‘Sonic Reducer’, Vedder must have been in dreamland.

With Pearl Jam’s new album Gigaton set to land this week, we thought we’d look back at a time when the band were still eagerly excited to be rubbing shoulders with legends of rock and roll, instead of being them.

Pearl Jam were invited to perform with punk heroes the Ramones as the band went on their ‘final tour’ in 1995, taking on a total of 73 gigs in the year. The Ramones final gig together was set for September 17th and would’ve likely been a huge medal of honour for Vedder, the superfan.

As proof of that fandom, Eddie Vedder inducted the Ramones into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He said: “They were armed with two-minute songs that they rattled off like machine gunfire. It was enough to change the Earth’s revolution. Now it’s Disney kids singing songs written by old men and being marketed to six- and seven-year-olds, so some kind of change might have to happen again soon.”

Tragically, Joey Ramone wasn’t around to receive the honour. He passed away the previous April. Dee Dee Ramone died of a heroin overdose just three months later, and Jonny Ramone died of prostate cancer in 2004. Eddie Vedder spoke at his funeral. It’s fair to say he was a big fan and a friend.

So when Joey Ramone joined Pearl Jam on stage to perform a cover of another New York classic, ‘Sonic Reducer’ from Dead Boys, Vedder must have left a little puddle wherever he went. Joey doesn’t disappoint either. Arriving at the stage with feverish vigour and the kind of fire that inspired a thousand bands, it was everything a fan could have hoped for.

Below we can see that moment as we’re bringing you the best available video, which was stitched together from two sources, to see Joey Ramone and Eddie Vedder share the stage. Something that would happen again once more.

The Ramones, following a lucrative offer to headline Lollapalooza, decided to keep the farewell tour going strong. Vedder would join the band for their final ever show to sing ‘Anyway You Want it’ by the Dave Clark Five.

For now, sit back and watch Joey Ramone joining Pearl Jam on stage for a special performance of ‘Sonic Reducer’ by the Dead Boys.