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Anna Calvi has written the score for ‘Peaky Blinders’ season 5

Anna Calvi has confirmed speculation that she has written the musical score for the eagerly anticipated fifth season of Peaky Blinders.

The new season, which premiered a special screening last night (July 18th) in Birmingham, has seen Calvi attempt to “explore the psychology of Tommy” in her new score for the show.

“It’s exciting. It’s been hard to not talk about it,” Calvi told NME. “It’s incredible to be part of something like this. It’s a whole new thing for me, but it felt completely natural. Bizarrely, I feel like I can really relate to the characters. It was a really good fit.

She added: “I’ve always loved the show – everything about the way that they dress, the music that they feature, how strong the characters are and how filmic it is. It’s just much better than most things you see on TV.”

The end of season four, which saw the Shelby family claim more power than with Tommy being elected to be an MP for Birmingham South, set up the plot line for the new episodes which will see more politics introduced. “What it gives Arthur and his family is more power,” Paul Anderson previously told Metro. “Tommy is in a position of power, and he can only get stronger in that position. We’ll all have more cover, more opportunity and more protection.

“Becoming an MP is just Tommy expanding his empire – his ambition is to have power in a lot of areas and that’s just another extension of his power.”

Anna Calvi has written the score.

For Calvi, the same themes will be revisited as she is tasked with representing the undoubted tension which comes with Peaky Blinders: “What’s been really fun is to write lyrics for Tommy [Shelby] and to really get into his mind,” she said.

“It’s been really interesting to write as if I was Tommy and really believe in this character. I really got lost in that, as if he was real.

“When you’re writing a soundtrack, you’re watching something all day. I was dreaming about Peaky Blinders and got completely obsessed. That’s how it should be.”

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The show, which became famed for its use of Nick Cave song ‘Red Right Hand’ as its title song, has allowed Mercury Prize nominee Anna Calvi the opportunity to explore its characters in astute detail: “I wanted to see how far I could get into the dark abyss of his mind,” Calvi continued in her NME interview. “As a writer, it was really exciting to try and express that musically. Cillian Murphy is just the most incredible actor and can say so much with just a facial expression. To try and match that has been really incredible.”

Alvi continued: “There’s an atmosphere in trying to explore something that has both a darkness and vulnerability. That’s what’s interesting about Peaky Blinders – not only does it have a brutality and violence to it, but there’s also a lot of love for the family. There’s a vulnerability that comes from being damaged from the war and how that affects your relationships, and there’s no much heart in there.”