(Credit: Pierce Widera)

Accidentally Wes Anderson: Peaches Cocktail Bar in Melbourne delivers pastoral cinematic chic

Melbourne is a city that sits at the cultural epicentre of Australia and Peaches Cocktail Bar is a perfect illustration of the innovative design that the city has to offer, a location well worthy of starring in a Wes Anderson film.

The bustling cocktail bar is located in the city’s central business district Swanston Street which sits at the heart of Melbourne and situated directly above the three-storey American barbeque restaurant Cheek. It is home to a rooftop bar with views that make it one of the premier nightspots in a town which has an international reputation for its thriving scene.

The first level of Peaches is a pastel pink filled dreamland that takes you invites you into this fantastical world of adventure and feels like such a unique space. The venue marks the fourth venue by Adam Goldblatt and brothers Tom and Sam Peasnell, who also co-own Dexter, Takeaway Pizza, BBQ Restaraunt Cheek that sits directly below Peaches.

Conveniently sitting suspended circular pendants which are reminiscent of ripe peaches in hanging plants among the roof beams which help further create this flirty atmosphere that is everything a cocktail bar should be.

The masterminds behind the intuitive venue are award-winning interior designers Amy Pierce and Natalie Widera of design studio Pierce Widera who share a forward-thinking approach that reimagines what design should be.

There is a sustainable aspect which is at the forefront of what they aim to do as Widera explained to Australian Design Review earlier this year: “At present, it’s about combining sustainability and creativity. Design will be about using existing and new innovative and eco-friendly materials. Reclaimed and recycled wood, bamboo, rattan, stones, recycled plastic, glass and metal. Natural fabrics like cotton, linen, hemp, sustainable animal fibres and low or no VOC paints.”

Whilst sustainability and having the long-term effects on the planet in mind with everything that the pair create, they never compromise on style whilst doing so. This sets a precedent to fellow designers who need to share the same ethos for the sake of wider issues which are more important than just their work.

See a glimpse inside, below.

(Credit: Pierce Widera)
(Credit: Pierce Widera)
(Credit: Pierce Widera)
(Credit: Pierce Widera)

All images provided to Far Out Magazine via Pierce Widera, see more of their work here.

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