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PEACE share their new video for 'You Don't Walk Away From Love'

After starting their reign as indie stalwarts as many a band do (with some high profile proclamations), their has been a momentum shift with PEACE. And as they share their new video for ‘You Don’t Walk Away From Love’, the band look like they mean business.

After sharing the new tracks ‘From Under Liquid Glass’ and ‘Power’ the Midlands quartet have announced new single ‘You Don’t Walk Away From Love’, which comes with a colourful, romance-filled video.

It comes amid a furore of contemporaries lavishing praise on the band. France Bean Cobain declared ‘under Liquid Glass’ her “favourite song of the last ten years”, while other indie royalty, such as Wolf Alice, The Vaccines and more, have doffed their caps in appreciation.

The new single picks and bounces like a summer pop anthem, feeling as at home in the indie dancefloors of the world (if they still exist) as on an episode of ‘Latest Teen Drama’, it speaks to the band’s focus on success.

Harry, lead singer of Peace, says of the video: “This is a classy and expensive video for a deep and meaningful song. If that is wrong then I don’t wanna be right. It reminds me that outside of the grit, spit & uglier bits, there is still some good left in this world. Pure ecstatic natural love is out there waiting for you to illegally download it. This really is a sandwich for the eyes.”

Director, Jonnie Craig adds: “We wanted to work with the effects of colour on people and their emotions, to kind of visualise what it feels like to be in love. Shooting on film is the only way. We grew up with imagery shot on film, so all of our photographic based memories live in that rich grainy colour spectrum. I think it strikes a chord with people that digital never could.”

Take a look below.