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(Credit: Masao Nagasaki)


Pavement tease expanded 'Terror Twilight' reissue

Terror Twilight, the fifth and final album by iconic indie outfit Pavement, is getting the deluxe reissue treatment.

Their previous four outings have all enjoyed the same fate over the years, each sporting their own quirky subtitle and a bulk-up of demos, B-sides and rarities material from the recording sessions of the time. It was speculated whether the deluxe treatment would be possible for Terror Twilight owing to a much more limited amount of material surrounding the record. Many of the B-sides from the era appeared on the Nicene Creedence Edition of Brighten The Corners, but thankfully it appears that enough additional songs have been sourced to bolster up the deluxe.

A post on the band Instagrams account now seems to have dispelled this notion as the post states: “The Terror Twilight… or Pavement’s ‘All Shook Down… Finally sorting out liner notes… stay tuned folks. It’s mastered at least!”

The accompanying image for the post displays text that has been cryptically cut in half but seems to pertain to certain details regarding the backstory of the album and recording process.

This news is more than a decade in the making with hints of a remastering beginning way back in 2008 and gained traction when the band reformed for shows in 2019.

Terror Twilight, released in 1999, proved to be a divisive finale among fans. The record itself is a fine piece of work but it came in an era when the underground grunge movement was drying up and the sound of the album seemed trapped in the area between archaic and evolving and it is this detail that makes the record all the more primed for a remastering. The LP was not only the last Pavement outing but also one of the last of its kind.

As of yet, there have been no official release dates announced or anything of that nature, but going off the level of enthusiasm displayed in the Instagram statement it would seem that the reissue is expected sooner rather than later.