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New Paul Thomas Anderson-directed Haim video playing before 'Licorice Pizza' screenings

Paul Thomas Anderson has collaborated with Haim once again. A new Haim video directed by the auteur has been playing before screenings of Licorice Pizza since Saturday night. In short, it’s one little dose of Haim before you get a large one of the whole Haim family in the celebrated feature-length.

Anderson’s new film stars Alana Haim in her acting debut. She plays Alana Kane, a mixed-up 20-something who befriends child star, Gary Valentine. What ensues is a madcap journey of discovery across Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley in the 1970s. 

Now, the news that a new PTA directed music video would be screening before Licorice Pizza came via Alana’s Instagram story and the official Twitter account of the film. Little information was revealed, apart from the fact that the song is called ‘Lost Track’. 

Famously, Haim have worked with the director many times over the past few years. The Inherent Vice director helmed the videos for the band’s singles, ‘Night So Long’, ‘Right Now’ and ‘Little of Your Love’. Anderson was also the mind behind their ‘Valentine’ short, and also created all the artwork and videos for the trio’s celebrated 2020 album Women In Music Pt. III.

Reviewing Licorice Pizza, Far Out wrote: “Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest feature-length movie, Licorice Pizza, falls nothing short of a masterpiece label. The film manages to combine the surreal humour of Punch Drunk Love with the setting of Boogie Nights, and through Anderson calling on his family and friends, the director creates a heady evocation of the San Fernando Valley in 1973.” 

Of the stellar film, the review continued: “Licorice Pizza is a culmination of everything that came before it in Anderson’s filmography, and in terms of aesthetic and spirit, the nods to Fast Times at Ridgemont High and American Graffiti are clear.”

Watch the trailer for Licorice Pizza below.