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Paul McCartney reveals the secret to keeping great eyesight

Paul McCartney has recently claimed that his secret to keeping good eyesight is through practising “eye yoga”.

The former Beatles and Wings stalwart spoke at length about his yoga practice during an appearance of Jessie Ware’s podcast, Table Manners.

McCartney appeared alongside daughter Mary, who was the one to bring up his yoga routine. It was here he explained his technique for keeping healthy eyesight. “I learned (it) off some yogi in India,” McCartney then delved deeper into the practice. “He explained that your eyes are muscles whereas your ears aren’t, so you can’t exercise your ears. But your eyes, you can.”

Subsequently, the ‘Band on the Run‘ mastermind talked listeners through the process: “So, head still, and then you look up as far as you can, one, two, three, go back to the middle, then down, one, two, three, then back to the middle. You do three lots of that, then go to the left and the right. Now you’ve got a cross, up and down, and sideways, now you do the diagonals.”

McCartney reaffirmed his belief that this eye yoga has kept the prospect of wearing glasses at bay over the decades. “It’s pretty good stuff. It makes sense, though, doesn’t it? It makes sense if they (eyes) are muscles.” He added later in the show: “I don’t know if it means that that’s why I don’t need glasses when I’m reading a newspaper. It makes sense, you know? It’s a good idea.”

Thanks Paul.

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