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(Credit: Raph PH)


Paul McCartney surprises London busker


Former Beatle member Paul McCartney surprised a London busker by handing out a generous tip while she performed live.

Charlotte Campbell, who was performing outside Charing Cross Station, said she was going through her usual routine when McCartney walked over and tossed some coins into her donation box.

“When he looked up it was Paul McCartney, like actually Paul McCartney and I was so shocked because I am such a huge fan of the Beatles,” she said in a recent interview with Evening Standard.

Campbell continued: “They are such an inspiration I think to any musician ever—the Beatles are the ultimate—and to see Paul McCartney and for him to be putting money in my guitar case I was so speechless.

“I couldn’t even speak—it ran through my head all the things I could say and all I managed to say was ‘aw thanks Paul’.”

Despite being totally starstruck, Campbell began to play Beatles classic ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand’ as Macca began to casually walk away: “I watched him as he was walking away and he turned back and smiled and he gave me two thumbs up, put his hands right up in the air,” she said.

“I take that as such a compliment. Obviously I wish that I had said to him that he is an inspiration, that I play so many of his songs, that I love so many of his songs that I have grown up listening to his music but I also know that he has probably heard that a millions time before.”