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Paul McCartney suggests ‘McCartney III’ is on the way


Paul McCartney has not-so-subtly hinted that he is planning to release McCartney III, which would be the final piece in a trilogy of self-titled albums that he started recording even before The Beatles split up.

The legendary figure released his debut solo record, McCartney, in 1970 before following it up a decade later with 1980 effort McCartney II. He recorded both albums at his home studio and featured additional vocals from his late wife Linda, who passed away in 1998. Now, Paul McCartney has started to suggest that the third and final release is on the way after a series of unexpected animations began to appear on Spotify.

When users play songs from McCartney and McCartney II on the Spotify mobile app, fans are met with an animation of dice thrown onto the images of the album covers, with three dots facing upwards which has made fans jump to conclusions about what this could all mean.

The former Beatle’s social media accounts have now begun teasing the forthcoming release too, sharing a series of images which were accompanied by three dice emojis which lines up with the change to his Spotify profile.

Speaking to GQ earlier this year, McCartney revealed that he had spent the lockdown to good use by writing and recording new music. “I’ve been able to write and get into music, starting songs, finishing songs. I’ve had a few little things to write and it’s given me the time to finish some songs that I hadn’t found the time to get around to,” he said.

It has also been claimed that the domain name was registered in August by CSC Corporate Domains, which happens to be the very same company that previously registered and for the reissue of Paul’s 1997 album earlier this year. When visiting the site, the screen just states there has been a ‘303 error notice’ – which is a fitting spin on the usual 404 error.

Watch this space.