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(Credit: Wikimedia)


Paul McCartney urges UK government to make meat optional in school meals


Paul McCartney is calling on the government to change the school meal system to make meat optional for students.

McCartney, along with daughters Stella and Mary, have signed a letter which urges the Education Secretary, Gavin Williamson, to change the current dietary plan of school meals.

The current school plan for the English education system claims that dairy must be served every day with meat and poultry should be served three or more times a week. There is an ongoing campaign with numerous charities urging this to be changed.

“No one needs to eat meat, so it shouldn’t be mandatory to serve it in schools,” the McCartneys said in a statement.

He added: “It’s time to revise the School Food Standards to help the planet, spare animals, and promote healthy eating.”

McCartney’s strong stance on the topic arrives shortly after the former Beatle urged his fans to stop eating meat as a birthday gift to him. The move arrived in reflection of McCartney’s ‘Glass Walls’ video which was released ten years ago.

“All I’ve ever wanted for my birthday is peace on Earth—including for animals,” Macca says. “That’s why this year, I’m urging fans to watch a video I hosted for PETA, titled ‘Glass Walls.’ We called it that because if slaughterhouses had glass walls, who would want to eat meat? The video debuted exactly 10 years ago.

“Since then, the public has finally gotten a peek at what happens inside the meat trade, and the demand for vegan food is sky high. Whether you’re worried about diseases that spring from slaughterhouses, the animals who suffer terribly and needlessly, or the catastrophic impact of the meat industry on our environment, please watch this short video and share it with your friends. Thank you.”

See the video, below.