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Paul McCartney is playing drums on the Foo Fighters new album


Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters have managed to tempt a real life Beatle into joining the band.

Foo Fighters, who have the new upcoming LP Concrete and Gold set for release, explained in a recent interview ET Canada how the singer and guitarist picked up the drum sticks for a segment on the new record.

“He hadn’t even heard of the song. He comes in and Dave picked up an acoustic and showed him real quick,” the band said. “He sat on his special drum set that his tech set up for him. I sat there with a drumstick conducting. He did two takes.”

Not that ling Dave Grohl, in his obvious excitement, teased “the biggest pop star in the world” would be featuring on the band’s new album. McCartney, 75, previously collaborated with Grohl on ‘Cut Me Some Slack’ which was produced specifically for the 2013 film, Sound City.