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Credit: YouTube


Paul McCartney, Dave Grohl and more perform 'When The Saints Go Marching In'

Back in 2012, Dave Grohl and Paul McCartney shared the stage for a Nirvana reunion of sorts. Now, the duo has come together in slightly different circumstances as they played ‘When The Saints Go Marching In’ from lockdown.

The performance came as part of the ‘Round Midnight Preserves’ virtual livestream benefit. The show arrived over the weekend and was hosted by New Orleans’ Preservation Hall Jazz Band.

The only disappointment is that Dave Grohl didn’t pick up the drumsticks or guitar, nor Paul McCartney picks up the bass. Instead, the two musicians took on different instruments, Grohl on the tambourine and McCartney on trumpet.

The song also featured some other notable contributions from stars such as Elvis Costello, My Morning Jacket’s own Jim James, Dave Matthews, Irma Thomas and Nathaniel Ratleliffe.

The livestream was conducted to rais money for the Preservation Hall Foundation, also weaved in previously recorded live footage featuring the Jazz Band. The performance included songs from Beck, My Morning Jacket, Arcade Fire, Alabama Shakes.

“I really was concerned. I did not want to just come in and dump the Foo Fighters on you,” Grohl told Jazz Band member Ben Jaffe. “It was important to me that we respectfully found our place in that hall and did our thing. It was around long before we ever got there; it will be around long after… It was exciting in that experiment.”