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Credit: YouTube


Curious footage of Paul McCartney teaching you to make perfect mashed potatoes


We’rte dipping into the Far Out Magazine vault to bring you something even the most ardent Paul McCartney and The Beatles fans may not have witnessed.

In one of the more curious videos you’ll see this week (we think), Paul McCartney shows us all how to make perfect mashed potatoes—his late wife, Linda McCartney’s own recipe. Though we’ll admit, you probably shouldn’t follow The Beatles man’s potato peeling guidance.

The amusing value of this video may well be clearly there for all to see, after all, watching Macca make mash is always going to be funny. But a word of warning: the clip is also entrenched in grief.

Shot just a few short months after Linda’s death in 1998 it sees McCartney taking part in a live internet broadcast to promote her posthumous album Wild Prairie, which included making her own recipe for mashed potatoes.

Filmed in December of 19998, it was one of the first times the public had seen McCartney since Linda’s tragic death following her battle with breast cancer. Paul had been so stricken with grief he had largely avoided the limelight, this would be his jovial debut back in the public eye.

He chose the opportunity of promoting her album to add a little bit of laughter into his life and everybody else’s too. It allowed Macca to not only pay homage to his late wife’s music and her cooking but also to allow him to do what he loved best: experiment. And this time he got to experiment with this suddenly growing thing called the internet.

Set up as a live broadcast it allowed Macca to field questions about Linda’s album, to let him reminisce about her, to talk vicariously about her vegetarian cookbook Linda McCartney on Tour: Over 200 Meat-Free Dishes from Around the World and, most importantly, make some pretty brilliant looking mashed potatoes.

Watch below as Paul McCartney takes to the internet in 1998 to show you how to make perfect mashed potatoes.