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(Credit: Linda McCartney)


Paul and Linda McCartney's 'RAM' getting 50th anniversary special reissue


One of the seminal albums of Paul McCartney’s illustrious career, RAM has often been considered his masterpiece. Released alongside his wife Linda, the album cemented McCartney as a solo star away from The Beatles and confirmed, in 1971, that Macca was the real deal.

Now, 50 years after the album’s release, the record is being reissued in celebration. Originally shared in May 1971, the album was the sophomore solo album from McCartney following the previous year’s release, McCartney. The LP was also the only album to be credited to Paul and Linda McCartney.

The new limited edition of RAM will drop on May 14th and arrives via UMe as a half-speed mastered vinyl. It’s the kind of release that will have record collector’s salivating at the chance to own it.

McCartney himself announced the release with a tweet, reading: “Happy RAM-iversary! To celebrate 50 years since the release of Paul and Linda McCartney’s 1971 fan-favourite album, ‘RAM’ will be reissued on 14th May 2021 as a limited edition half-speed mastered vinyl pressing.”

“The lightbulb went off one day and we realised that we could run off and go to Scotland where we loved,” McCartney recalled in 2012 when explaining the creation of RAM as part of his archival release.

“Just to keep myself amused, I’d just make up stuff on the guitar. Instead of thinking, ‘After The Beatles this has got to be important’, I thought: ‘Maybe this is the way to go, just have fun with it’.”

He clearly let loose on the record and found himself a rhythm that would facilitate one of the longest and most esteemed careers in music.