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Patsy’s Rats give us one of the pop rock and roll hits of the year


The newest recruits to Burger Records coming out of Portland, Oregon; Patsy’s Rats have got their head on straight with their newest release ‘Rock and Roll Friend’. An instant hit full of the kind of pop hooks that has us all strung up. It’s so good that we made it our Track of the Day.

Good “pop rock and roll” (also known as just pop) is a very rare thing these days and it’s a shame because pop sensibilities without a laptop is one of our favourite things. Led by Patsy Gelb (daughter of Giant Sand’s Howard Gelb) the band tackle a very saddening subject in ‘Rock and Roll Friend’ with a beautiful array of mixed emotions.

Written about the tragic death of friend Mikey Hodges, the song both encapsulates the range of emotion when losing a friend, especially to an accident, the sadness of loss and the joy of the privilege of having known them.

Patsy’s Rats maintain this juxtaposition throughout ‘Rock and Roll Friend’ and although the circumstance may seem sad the song is joyously upbeat with enough silver slick licks to make it more radio friendly than Tony Blackburn riding Chris Moyles like a horse.

Released on cassette by Burger Records and out now, this is a must have.