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(Credit: Pat)


Pat shares new tune 'White Air Forces'

Somewhere in the outskirts of London, the goofy looking mononymous rapper known as Pat is planning a global takeover.

With only two singles to his name, it’s hard to chart global dominance from such a small sample size. But the Polish-born artist’s first single ‘Kodak’ gained a decent amount of traction, and now he’s following it up with a brand new track, ‘White Air Forces’.

I’m always sceptical of artists with no albums, EPs, or significant releases in their discography. They live and die by hype, and cultural trends change so quickly that it’s impossible to say what will be popular or passe in a few months. That being said, ‘White Air Forces’ seems to be right on the pulse of where pop music trends are today.

Combining a mellow beat with softboi aesthetics, ‘White Air Forces’ focuses on how young love can evolve from something as simple as liking the creases on sneakers. Everything about the song reminds me of Powfu’s ‘death bed (coffee for your head)’, which I hated, but that song was a major hit, so what do I know?

The comment section of the ‘White Air Forces’ YouTube video is already buzzing with listeners ready for Pat to make a mainstream breakthrough. Considering how pop trends are favouring the same type of sound that Pat is peddling, i.e. loft mumble pop-rap, I wouldn’t be surprised if we end up seeing Pat on a larger stage in the future.

What comes next for the artist is anyone’s guess. A new EP? A proper full length release? More singles? Complete and total obscurity? It’s hard to say, but I wouldn’t put my money on the latter. Whatever comes up, I am sure it will be covered here.

Check out the official video for ‘White Air Forces’ down, below.